We organize VientiStartti- training events for companies targeting the international markets. VientiStartti is a training concept, developed by Fennopromo for start-up exporters. We continually develop the concept, in accordance with foreign market requirements and business needs. Ask about our upcoming VientiStart training events!

The latest training programme:

ProPeruna VientiStartti 1.1.2016 – 30.4.2017

What new products can we develop from potatoes?
Which potato products are in demand on foreign markets?
What innovations in the potato sector can attract international interest?

ProPeruna VientiStartti was held in from 8 – 9.11, and 14.11.2016 in Seinäjoki, in FRAMI, Mega- conference facilities, Tiedekatu 2. VientiStartti was the right step towards internationalization. The programme opened up new businesses to the foreign markets. Participants heard about what kind of potato products are in demand. Ideas were run through on what products would be worthwhile developing. Companies got the right recipes for internationalization!

ProPeruna VientiStartti was open to all potato producers, processors, packers and marketers, and anyone with a heartbeat towards developing the potato sector and promoting internationalization.

Training topics included:

  • Towards export marketing – Internationalization ABC
  • Innovation rules! New potato products for export
  • Worldwide through cooperation

Participation was free of charge. Training was co-financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Ask for the materials and pdf-presentations of the programme. Send your email to: