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Why should you choose Fennopromo?

Fennopromo is the expert company delivering business development and internationalization services to companies and organisations operating in the food industry.

Unique Offerings

We carry out development projects, provide project management services, and arrange internationalization training programs.

Skilled Team

Our company has several decades of experience in project management, innovation coaching and international business and deep insight into food industry.


We love what we do. Our way of working is full of enthusiasm. We lead our customers to where success can be achieved.

Success stories

Our team has implemented 18 EU or nationally funded projects since 1997. 93% of our customers have considered our services to be good or excellent (Customer Satisfaction Survey, 2017).

We believe in

  • Listening to the customer
  • Creativity – finding brand new solutions
  • Topicality – being on top of what’s happening in the food business
  • Expertise – understanding the international food trade and export networks
  • Passion – achievements which arise from a positive atmosphere and enjoyable interaction

What we provide

Training programmes

We provide practical export training for food companies targeting international markets. Ask about our upcoming trainings or become a partner in their implementation.

Project management

Many parties provide project consultations, but who exactly implements the projects? We will be responsible for your project management and supervision from start to finish, if needed.

Development projects

We carry out timely projects to promote food industry growth and internationalization. Gain tips on project needs or provide your own expertise in projects!


Our projects

Finnish Food Innovations

Come and develop new innovative products and grab a greater foothold on foreign markets! Finnish Food Innovations (FFI) programme 1.5.2016 – 30.4.2018 is here to help you with your export product development.

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We organize VientiStartti -training events for companies targeting the international markets. VientiStartti is a training concept, developed by Fennopromo for start-up exporters. Ask about upcoming trainings! The latest training: ProPeruna VientiStartti 1.1.2016 – 30.4.2017

Finnish National Pavilions

Fennopromo co-operates with Finpro Oy’s Food from Finland -growth programme 2014 – 2020 in organizing Finnish National Pavilions at the international fairs.


Pioneers love working with us!

As a food product entrepreneur or developer you ask yourself: “How should we develop our company to achieve better results and get one step ahead of the competition?” It’s our job at Fennopromo to stay on top of what’s happening in the food industry and how you can realize lasting success. We will coach you, plan and manage your development project, and help you be a true pioneer.

Meet our team

We’d like to introduce you to the people who make Fennopromo what it is today.

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